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WANTED: Female voice

2010-05-10 14:10:39 by MetalMaverick

As the title suggests, I'm currently looking for a voice actress to play a part in my upcoming cartoon Cyberdog. Below is a link to a preview I put together recently. The role is for the poodle, Ms Cassandra.

Cyberdog Preview

If interested, please send me a PM for details.

On the subject of Cyberdog, I'm currently doing an all new intro. It's shorter, and it includes a brand new kick ass song by none other than Druoxtheshredder! I was lucky enough to stumble upon his work a few months ago. I've always wanted a cool yet somewhat silly intro song for my toon and he was the perfect guy for the job. I'm debating with myself whether to show off the intro before the actual cartoon is done, the song is that cool. You rock Druox!

At any rate, that's all I got for now. How's everyone else?

P.S. - I'm turning 29 this month. Twenty fuckin' nine! I feel like stocking up on Depends....

First look at Cyberdog

2010-04-14 13:05:34 by MetalMaverick

Been awhile, but I'm back and in the mood to make cartoons again.

Back when I was still active I made a post about wanting to make a cartoon called Cyberdog. Well I now have a little something to show. I don't normally make previews, but considering how long it's been since I've done much of anything with flash I figured I should. I still need to finish the script and get some voice actors, but much of the character work and backgrounds have been done now so making the actual toon shouldn't be too long a process.

At any rate, here's the preview. If you want to see it in flash, just check it out here at my Deviantart page.

/* */
And in case your curious, here's the link to the song from JohnnyFrizz. Turbo!

Tablet get!

2008-12-13 16:28:37 by MetalMaverick

Well, went to check the mail today and sure enough there was a brand spankin' new shiney tablet there waiting for me. When I got the news I was so absolutely stoked that I never come up with a decent response. Now I have it and I couldn't be more thrilled. It even came with a few stickers as well. This is easily the best Christmas gift I've ever received. Thanks a ton Tom, you rock!

As exciting as all this is, it also means I have quite a bit of work ahead of me. The addition of a tablet has made me rethink a lot about what I'm gonna do. For starters, I really wanna play around with the idea of a new drawing style. "OMG! No more bobbleheadz!?" is what I imagine some of you may be thinking. Honestly though, I doubt I'd ever truely get rid of those, but I would like to try something new so we'll see what happens.

One idea I have in mind is perhaps a series of small cartoons involving an old photoshop manipulation I did a few years ago. The picture is on the bottom and I have a few more like it at my website.

The other idea that I've had for some time and was gonna do anyway, except now the look of it is most definately going to change. I'm planning to make a Transformers movie roughly around 45 minutes in lenth give or take. Yea I know, more transformers. Thing is, this is kinda what Transformers Mediocrity was leading up to. What's nice is that now with this shiney new tablet, I can do something I've never done before with a flash. STORYBOARD!

This project will by far be quite time consuming so I may not submit much of anything for a while, but it's something I've really wanted to do for quite some time so I'm gonna go for it. I'll post a little something later when I have something to show. Until then, I've got a new toy that is in need of attention. Later!

Tablet get!

Smoov Transformers

2008-08-23 14:04:59 by MetalMaverick

Hello again Newgrounders. Just wanted to update you guys on the progress of my current project, "Transformers Mediocrity 2".

Give or take it's roughly halfway done. Progress had been slow in the last several weeks due to my schedule, and because of which I even started to get a little burned out since I wasn't really getting very far at a time. That's where Pest Control comes in. A little something I put together over a period of a week to take a quick break and kinda get me reenergized to finish TFM2.

But more important of all. I recently got in the lines for everyones favorite gunbot, Megatron. I'm fortunate enough to have picked up Dr. Smoov to voice Megs for the upcoming flash. For those of you who haven't kept up with transformers parody videos, he's best known for video's such as these!

The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

/* */
Shockwave's Burden (personal favorite)

/* */
And Transformers Go Hollywood (featuring his Megatron voice)

/* */
Now, before some of you say anything. No I am not gonna replace Egoraptor as Optimus. Yes, I know Smoov has a much more accurate Prime, but if I replaced him that would...

A. Mess with the continuity of the previous TFM.

B. Take away some of the uniqueness that TFM has from other transformer videos and flashes.

I don't need perfect accuracy on all the characters, I feel it's more important to find voice actors who fit the mold of the characters, and the characters in TFM are definately not the same exact robots some of us grew up with.

I was having trouble finding a good Megatron voice, so after a little desperation I decided to contact Smoov (thinking he'd be either too busy or just plain not interested) just to see what'd happen. Sure enough, he surprised me.

Anywho, that's enough of me yammerin' for one day. I got some work to do. I should probably have TFM2 done by the end of next month. Until then...

I am NOT an animator.

2008-07-23 00:59:01 by MetalMaverick

Well, not really anyway. I animate obviously, but no where near as well as many other users here at Newgrounds.

Now I'm sure to those of you who've seen my stuff in the past find this little "announcement" as anything but shocking, however what I find interesting is how much focus viewers here put on both the animation and the artwork behind most any cartoon submitted. I've had plenty of comments in the past from those who've said I need to improve my animation quality, or most notably, change my art style drastically. But my question to them is.... why?

The reason is simple. For the most part, I don't really care.

For me, the artwork and animations are mainly a means to an end. You see, I like telling stories, I like telling jokes, and I like making movies. My biggest issue has always been how do I give that physical form. In the past I tried a little 3D animation (since I've always been a fan of CGI), but the modeling process was always so time consuming that I never really even got to the actually animating of the models.

Then of course I came across flash, a tool that allowed me to create animations in a rather short period of time. It was like a prayer was answered. Now when you go back and look at my early work and compare it to what I've done recently, there's certainly been improvements, but for the most part there hasn't been any really drastic changes considering it's been about six years now.

I just don't want to spend all my time animating and drawing to only end up with a small bit to show for it. Now obviously if your an animation buff than that's where your gonna focus your efforts, and that of course is cool since I like a well animated cartoon as much as the next guy. I just think sometimes people forget that there are those of us who just want you to watch for the chocolatey goodness inside, and not just the candy shell.

What do you look for most in a flash animation? And if you had to choose, would you rather see a toon with awesome animation and absolutely no substance behind it, or a horribly ugly stick figure comedy that's freakin' histerical?

Hello again newgrounders. Hope everyone's enjoying the summer. I know I'm finally happy to see some freakin' sunshine. Been living in washington state for just over a month after living in california for years. Not sure I'll ever get used to the colder weather up here. I was white enough as it was before! Any whiter and I may become clear!

Anywho, I digress. Been working on a brand new Transformers cartoon. The last one was surprisingly well recieved, and considering how the current one is turning out I have no doubt you guys will like this one just as much if not more. It's longer, more characters, framerate has been bumped from 15fps to 30fps, and this time it'll feature Decepticons as well.

And who know's, maybe if people like it enough they might even go check out my other series Larry and Benny! Huh? Anyone? I know it doesn't have giant robots that change into crap, but still...

...ah well, wishfull thinking :P

Here's a pic below showing some of the new appearances in Transformers Mediocrity 2. You can find the link to the full sized wallpaper at my website.

More mediocrity than meets the eye

I want you all to fail!

2008-05-31 16:10:59 by MetalMaverick

This is in regards to all other users here who submit content on Newgrounds.

For the most part, I'm a pretty laid back guy. I don't concern myself too much with how well others do compaired to me. I simply like to make cartoons, and if I can entertain a few people along the way then great! I'm sure there's others here who are the same way.

However, whenever you submit something, you want your work to do well. That's natural right? You spend a decent amount of time on something and you can only hope to see some decent results come from it. But do you ever find yourself wishing for the competition to fail, regardless of how good it is. Or do you find yourself incapable of enjoying a flash that's also been submitted the same day as you, despite the quality?

Personally, when I finish a flash, it's one of the best feelings ever. Finally getting done that project you may have spent months on. But when it comes to submitting it online (especially here at Newgrounds), it can be one of the most nerveracking experiences. Will people like it? Will I get first for the day? Is there someone else just waiting to release his/her masterpeice any moment now?

I don't like thinking these kinda things, but it's hard not to. And I'm sure this is the case for many of you as well. I figure so long as I'm at least not clicking zero on all the other submissions than I at least haven't completely lost my soul.

Why am I posting about this, I don't know. Probably cuz I'm working on a flash at the moment and needed a break. It's just something that popped in my head.

What's usually goes through your head after you just submitted a flash?

Brand new Larry and Benny

2008-05-23 14:46:36 by MetalMaverick

Well, submitted my latest Larry and Benny cartoon just last night. Feels good to get another toon done. I'm already pretty stoked to do the next one as it'll introduce a few new characters that I already have a few good ideas to work with on. Check it out if ya haven't already.

Larry and Benny 2

Originally I was going to go straight to work on a new Transformers cartoon right after this, however, I've decided to do a quicky first. I'm thinking of doing another series, one where each cartoon is pretty short (like a minute long or two). What'll be about is pretty much whatever the hell I want it to be at the time. I often have funny little ideas that by themselves are fine, but can't really be tied together with anything I've done. So this'll be a chance to get those little gags out there.

It should only take like a few weeks to do, then I'll be hard at work on Transformers Mediocrity 2.

Anywho, that's my babblin' for the day. Have a good memorial day peeps!

First off, just wanna say that I saw Iron Man yesterday. Kick ass movie. Never read the comics before, saw a few iffy cartoons about him, but never really had much interest in the character except for the sweet armor he wears. Robert Downey Jr however does an awesome job as Mr. Stark. If your on the fence about seeing it as I was, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Anywho, I'm well into my next flash. For those of you who may have missed it (I'd take a stab and say, roughly about 98% of Newgrounders), I have a original flash series titled "Larry and Benny". A lot of people probably don't know this mainly because, in my infinite wisdom, I released the first one the very day after Madness Day, and there was still plently of Madness stuff popping up then. So it kinda got lost in all the.....dare I say.....MADNESS.

But I am not one to give up so easily. This series is my own. No parady, no insert popular character here stuff (don't get me wrong, I like making paradies, but I'd like to do something original here and there). I'm gonna keep on truckin' and continue to make more of these cartoons. The next one should hopefully be done by the end of the month. Until then, here's a link to the last one to get you up to speed, and a pic from the next toon.

Larry and Benny

Metallic men and giant rodents


2008-04-11 12:34:55 by MetalMaverick

First off, just wanna say thanks to everyone for making Transformers Mediocrity my most successful toon to date. Can't begin to tell you how glad I am to see the positive reaction.

For those hoping to see more, fear not. I plan to have a new one out by about summer. First I've got a few things to do. First, a part in a fairly large callob (I'll let you all guess what that is). Then a new episode of Larry and Benny.

I've already got several fun idea's cooking, and I'd say I pretty much know what the next Transformers Mediocrity will be about. Yes, there will be Decepticons next time around.

And finally, for those interested, I've put up some new shirts in my store with good ol' Peanut on them! Thanks again for the support gang.

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