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2008-04-11 12:34:55 by MetalMaverick

First off, just wanna say thanks to everyone for making Transformers Mediocrity my most successful toon to date. Can't begin to tell you how glad I am to see the positive reaction.

For those hoping to see more, fear not. I plan to have a new one out by about summer. First I've got a few things to do. First, a part in a fairly large callob (I'll let you all guess what that is). Then a new episode of Larry and Benny.

I've already got several fun idea's cooking, and I'd say I pretty much know what the next Transformers Mediocrity will be about. Yes, there will be Decepticons next time around.

And finally, for those interested, I've put up some new shirts in my store with good ol' Peanut on them! Thanks again for the support gang.

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2008-04-11 12:47:40

nice tee


2008-04-11 13:03:27

I love your animation style. You're part of my inspiration for animating =)

MetalMaverick responds:

I'm honored that I do, but if that is the case then why are your peoples heads so small? BIGGER DAMMIT BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!



2008-04-11 13:38:59

i'm proud to be a jew
and in case you didnt know
whenever i think of who i am
i want to tell you so


2008-04-11 13:47:28

Daaare to be stuuupid.

MetalMaverick responds:

Words to live by


2008-04-11 14:17:03

What actually happened to the Gamer Elite series?

Anyway, I never really got into transformers. Only watched it because I got a PM saying there was a new entry by my one of my fav authors =D.

I'm glad I did. The last line was pure epic.

MetalMaverick responds:

Unfortunatly I had to cancel the series. It just became too much work and cut into everything else I was doing. I should have known better to get involved in such a large project, and I appologize to all who were looking forward to more.


2008-04-11 15:26:54


say, did you ever make anything for blamformers last year? i can't remember.

MetalMaverick responds:

Sadly no, I hadn't gotten back on my feet yet by then.


2008-04-11 16:06:45

ya man, I thought it was great.. funny too!

dont forget me!! I wanna voice SOMEBODY haha. sorry. I like.... transformers :(

MetalMaverick responds:

Don't be shocked to find a PM from me in the next several months.


2008-04-11 21:27:44

You''re alive. You're alive! *cris* I thought you died in that mining accident in 82. It's good to have you back son.

MetalMaverick responds:

82? As in 1982? I would have barely been a year old then.


2008-04-11 22:31:20

Whoah, man, you're back. I thought you'd dropped off the internet.

I remember loving your stuff back in my freshman days. Hard to believe it's been four years since Jedi Training. That movie was one of the ones that first made my parody-hungry Star-Wars-obsessing thirteen-year-old self pick up a copy of Flash.

Glad to see you're still around. I thought you'd left after that Larry and Benny one (no offense, but kind of a disappointment) went sour.

MetalMaverick responds:

Sorry you didn't like Larry and Benny too much. Still I don't want to give up on it. I think it has a lot of potential that may have just got off to a iffy start. I remember Gamer Elite 1 didn't fair so well either, so here's hoping.


2008-04-12 02:03:59

Oh don't get me wrong. Keep making it. My philosophy is that if you're not making something you genuinely enjoy, you're just wasting your time. Would be better to not animate at all if you're not animating something you enjoy, regardless of what others think.
I was just saying that I was afraid you'd given up after that wasn't well received.

Keep creating, man. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up.


2008-04-12 10:28:22

You've replied to nearly everyones comments. I DARE you not to reply to this one.


2008-04-13 14:37:26

cool are you sellin those?

MetalMaverick responds:

That was the plan... but it looks like the image is now flagged for pending. I had a hunch this might happen since it does look like an IPod. Guess I'll have to wait and see. I'll post about it when I know for sure.