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Brand new Larry and Benny

2008-05-23 14:46:36 by MetalMaverick

Well, submitted my latest Larry and Benny cartoon just last night. Feels good to get another toon done. I'm already pretty stoked to do the next one as it'll introduce a few new characters that I already have a few good ideas to work with on. Check it out if ya haven't already.

Larry and Benny 2

Originally I was going to go straight to work on a new Transformers cartoon right after this, however, I've decided to do a quicky first. I'm thinking of doing another series, one where each cartoon is pretty short (like a minute long or two). What'll be about is pretty much whatever the hell I want it to be at the time. I often have funny little ideas that by themselves are fine, but can't really be tied together with anything I've done. So this'll be a chance to get those little gags out there.

It should only take like a few weeks to do, then I'll be hard at work on Transformers Mediocrity 2.

Anywho, that's my babblin' for the day. Have a good memorial day peeps!


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2008-05-23 15:40:26

I liked the cartoon very entertaining. It deserved a better score.


2008-05-23 17:02:01

I want a bazooka that shoots exploding squirrels now.

. . . Are you the walrus?

MetalMaverick responds:

The only voices I didn't do we're the two buffed out rodents on the TV. The rest are all me.


2008-05-23 21:22:51

lol I wasn't actually talking about voice acting. "Are you the walrus?" is a line in some song. I don't remember what song, though. It probably had 'walrus' in the title.
It's cool that you don't feel a need to have too many extra voices. If you've ever heard of Conker's Bad Fur Day, I think every male character except one is voiced by one person. That's 30 or 40 characters, if I remember correctly.
Alas, I haven't actually played the game =(

MetalMaverick responds:

Ah ok, my bad


2008-05-24 01:18:22

I loved it all way through.

Also another Transformers cartoon? Sweet! Gotta look for that one.


2008-05-24 13:31:52

Dude that was great!
We all know that you won't go back to GE, but can we ever expect a DeviantArt commentary on Ep 3?
Also, will you ever go back to the Jedi series?
Finally, I am taking a poll so which game would you like to see parodied? (to everyone else, just respond to my blog to vote)
Thank you for your time

MetalMaverick responds:

A GE3 commentary is possible, but everytime I think about it I find I'd much rather work on a new cartoon. I might still do it, but it's iffy.

As for a new Jedi movie, always a possibility. I loved those movies, but at the moment I just don't have any new idea's for it, so I won't force it. Although I still like doing parodies, I've kinda cut down on them a bit. Don't wanna do just parodies all the time.


2008-05-26 14:37:59

lol the larry and benny 2 is funny hope u make another one