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I want you all to fail!

2008-05-31 16:10:59 by MetalMaverick

This is in regards to all other users here who submit content on Newgrounds.

For the most part, I'm a pretty laid back guy. I don't concern myself too much with how well others do compaired to me. I simply like to make cartoons, and if I can entertain a few people along the way then great! I'm sure there's others here who are the same way.

However, whenever you submit something, you want your work to do well. That's natural right? You spend a decent amount of time on something and you can only hope to see some decent results come from it. But do you ever find yourself wishing for the competition to fail, regardless of how good it is. Or do you find yourself incapable of enjoying a flash that's also been submitted the same day as you, despite the quality?

Personally, when I finish a flash, it's one of the best feelings ever. Finally getting done that project you may have spent months on. But when it comes to submitting it online (especially here at Newgrounds), it can be one of the most nerveracking experiences. Will people like it? Will I get first for the day? Is there someone else just waiting to release his/her masterpeice any moment now?

I don't like thinking these kinda things, but it's hard not to. And I'm sure this is the case for many of you as well. I figure so long as I'm at least not clicking zero on all the other submissions than I at least haven't completely lost my soul.

Why am I posting about this, I don't know. Probably cuz I'm working on a flash at the moment and needed a break. It's just something that popped in my head.

What's usually goes through your head after you just submitted a flash?


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2008-05-31 16:12:48

OMG i hope it passes! is usually what goes through my head


2008-05-31 16:28:28

Why the hell do you make such enourmous eyes on your characters ?? It a bit annoying :S

Anyway , yes that also happend to me despises i don't expected this far my flash to be masterpieces , cause i know they are not :P

And Flash animation it's supposed to be fun , if it becomes annoying then it' s not worthy anymore ...

MetalMaverick responds:

"Why the hell do you make such enourmous eyes on your characters ?? It a bit annoying :S"

Because I can :D

As for flash becoming annoying, I would hardly say that flash has ever become annoying enough for me to ever want to quit. Doing certain types of flashes perhaps, so long as your doing flash they way you wanna be doing it.


2008-05-31 16:39:10

I'm only making flashes for fun at the mo so as long as other people enjoy it I'm good. Its cool to get trophies and such, but the real rewards come in the reviews and stuff. Frontpage is an awesome thing to get too :-)

I dont really wish failure on others, although i can tell from whatever flashes have been submitted in the day which ones are gonna end up in the top 5.


2008-05-31 16:44:20

The topic title intially made me think of 'There will be Blood' and Daniel Plainview, luckily it wasn't as negative as I thought it would be. I don't think you should wish for the failure of others, you should wish that hopefully your work is better than them, otherwise your not improving they are getting worse.

What you are talking about is like winning a trampoline competition when you rival breaks his leg on his first jump. Poor example but still.

Overall I disagree with your idea, but I can definetly see where you are coming from.

MetalMaverick responds:

My idea? I wan't really making any idea's. I was mainly pointing out that sometimes we get a little voice in our head that try's to make us think a certain way.


2008-05-31 17:05:46

TheSwain just set up a timebomb for all strategy game makers, he's releasing his new Mastermind game soon, when that happens, Tom will surely say "strategy game expectations have been raised forever" and nobody will be able to complete. And that kills independent falsh strategy games forever...

MetalMaverick responds:

It happens, but I wouldn't say that anyone is incapable of competing. That just comes with the territory of being independent doesn't it? It isn't easy, but work hard on it and it could take you places.

I think it's a good thing that the bar is always at least just right outta reach. That way you always have something to reach for.


2008-05-31 17:08:54

I vote zero on anything that looks like it could be decent competition against mine.
I'm such a horrible person. T_T


2008-05-31 17:09:18

I honestly don't care whether anyone likes my work at all. I submit with full contentment as is, and any negative response will not dent that. That's not to say it doesn't please me when I see a review from someone who really knows their stuff and can give a solid professional critique, but that happens once every thousand years on NewGrounds, so I don't expect it.

I'd rather get a review with a 0 that explains through the use of valid applicable knowledge of filmmaking and animation why my cartoon sucks, than a 10 with a shout that says it was enjoyable.

I honestly don't give a rats ass if you enjoyed it. I don't make cartoons for anyone but those who like it. I don't know who those people are, but it doesn't matter. No matter what you do, someone out there will like it.

I couldn't care less how the competition fairs either, because scores, awards, they all mean nothing at all for me. If one person likes my cartoon, then it's perfect and I'm happy. I'm really in this for myself, and I think everyone else should be in it for themselves first and foremost too.

You should never concern yourself with popularity or accolades.

So to answer your question, what goes through my head are bursts of memories of working on the cartoon.

MetalMaverick responds:

No, you should never concern yourself with things like popularity. But you can't tell me you've never thought about it, even just a little... >:)


2008-05-31 17:23:33

I'm usually torn over whether or not it will get front page.

Which it usually doesn't :P

Saying that, I haven't submitted for about a year now...

MetalMaverick responds:

Never give up, never surrender!


2008-05-31 17:29:01

I haven't submitted much, but I know what you mean. But I actually like that feeling. It's like excitement, a fight for having the best of the day. Waiting to see if your Flash will end up being conquered by something huge (one time I submitted a flash the same day as a new Xombie, but I already knew it wasn't going to win anything). I can't wait to feel that again when I get my current project done :D


2008-05-31 17:39:12

When I submit I always wait till 8 at night and watch the competition as the day goes on so the competition won't be so bad.


2008-05-31 18:44:32

The last time I thought about popularity, I was 13.


2008-05-31 19:41:13

the first thing I do before submitting anything to this site is check out that the road is clear. and there are no luis, swain or hans van harken submissions around. if one of them is there you might as well wait for tomorrow because they will win all trophys. leaving you with a mediocre dayly 5th or without trophy


2008-05-31 19:41:35

That goes through my head every time. I usually submit it, and then try not to use my computer until 9:00, to see how I did. Usually, though, I end up being drawn in and watch it dip and rise and see other things get close and surpass it. It's the worst feeling ever.

MetalMaverick responds:

Yes, anything you can do to remove internet access from your reach that day is a good thing. I can easily burn a hole through the refresh button on days like that.


2008-05-31 19:58:11

Pretty much the same thing.


2008-05-31 20:07:40

crap... I hope this never comes to mind when I submit my stuff...


2008-05-31 20:17:41

I hear ya.


2008-05-31 21:35:48

There's no such thing as failing on Newgrounds these days. EVERYTHING immediately gets into the top fifty. I guarantee you I could slap something together in a day that would get 4.24 or higher.


2008-05-31 22:40:40

Yeah, Under Judgement is one of those nerve racking moments. I have to find myself something to do or lock myself out of my room so I would stop refreshing the page.


2008-05-31 23:09:41

"do you ever find yourself wishing for the competition to fail, regardless of how good it is. Or do you find yourself incapable of enjoying a flash that's also been submitted the same day as you, despite the quality?"

Sounds like a hater mindset to me. Obviously I've never submitted anything myself, so I wouldn't really understand your intricate web of emotions, but generally what your saying sounds like something a hater would say. I don't mean any offense by it, just voicing an observation.

MetalMaverick responds:

Thank you Dr. Phil :P

Basically what I'm saying isn't much different than when your on the road, someone cuts you off, and you secretly wish that person would swerve off the road and into a ditch. You don't really wish it, but a small part of you does.


2008-05-31 23:25:00

1st case: man, man, oh dear, pass pass.... pass.... PASS


2nd case: like orgasm. you dont wanna know


2008-05-31 23:49:49

To be perfectly honest, It's not wrong to feel this way. As a flash animator, I get those same feelings. I stick around the site or come back in an hour or two after submitting to view the feedback and the score. It's such a nervous process since you can't see your score anymore in the flash submissions editing panel anymore since the change a few years ago.

Atleast you don't vote zero on the other submissions and get your friends too, to knock out your competition. That's not right. And thats just stealing the awards :) Hah. I feel the same way though. I enjoy other flash animations during the day I submit, even though I don't watch too much content on Newgrounds unless its from someone I know -- which is absurd of me -- but whatever.


2008-06-01 00:41:27

i normally 0 anything higher than me.


2008-06-01 00:54:45

I haven't felt that way for my last few flashes. There's still excitement, yes, because I love getting feedback, but on a website like Newgrounds, where the most worthless wastes of time can make their way onto the top 50, I've realized the trophies are a lot more about catering to the target audience than making anything of real worth.

Luckily, real talent is also appreciated, but in the scheme of things you shouldn't base the success of your creations on the whims of the masses, who would vote a farting videogame parody someone made in 10 minutes above months of hard work.


2008-06-01 02:30:23

Yea I often times find myself wishing Luis would get hit by a bus and solve all our problems, but that has nothing to do with submitting to the portal.


2008-06-01 04:12:50

I do it the same way, but I sometimes tend to think "this should make me popular!".

It's all about havin' fun and making at least one people like it.


2008-06-01 04:22:10

usually I think about how many bad reviews I'll get which I enjoy responding to


2008-06-01 04:35:05

I'd like to add that Squeakytoad speaks the truth. I enjoyed the days when Top 50 Of All Time stood for something, and not just the list that last week's top weekly winners get to be on before next Wednesday rolls around.

MetalMaverick responds:

Remember when getting a 4 anything meant you were in the top 5? Remember when some cartoons would have the top spot of months before being contested? I miss those days.


2008-06-01 07:32:41

i know what you meen.
theres alot of competition on newgrounds...
everyday a few people submit a very high scoring movie!
i know what it feels like :(
but theres nothing you can do about it


2008-06-01 11:21:07

Constant F5 on the portal page to see which movies are in blue and i calculate the scores and ask all my friends to vote 5. That was in the old days. Nowadays i sumbit random shit and I just hope it passes judgement lol


2008-06-01 11:37:10

But would it be a good idea to rush the game so I MIGHT be able to get half the score?

MetalMaverick responds:

Never rush it if you can avoid it. All that'll do is create an inferior game that you'll probably regret later.


2008-06-01 12:14:19

I'm in a unique position because I'm happy for anything awesome that appears on NG. There's this sort of chain of relationships...

NG contributors are all in competition with eachother, but that competition makes them better. However, when an artist sees a Flash that does something better than theirs, it makes them sad.

I like anything that is good for NG, therefor I am happy for anything good that gets submitted to NG.

NG itself is in competition for viewers amongst other websites, but that competition makes us all better. However, when a webmaster sees another site that does something better than theirs, it makes them sad.

Ad companies like anything that is good for a website that runs their ads, therefor ad companies are happy whenever any website does something good.

Ad companies are in competitions with other ad companies. When they see someone do something cool but they are running someone elses ads, it makes them sad.

So the only way to be happy is to just brush everything off and stay focused on making the stuff you personally want to see in the world, reguardless of what everyone else is doing.

But yeah submitting Flash is awesome, it's like heroin. My happiest days are days that I submit something new to NG.

MetalMaverick responds:

I truely envy your position.


2008-06-01 13:08:30

I don't need to worry about competing with others for awards, because I don't make flash good enough to win awards. As long as there are a few people who like it, I consider my flash a success.


2008-06-01 13:48:44

most of the stuff ppl try to submit is just plain BS, im with you on that.
and fede1920 how r the big eyes annoying? I find them pretty funny.


2008-06-01 14:52:10

Finishing a flash is like masterbating.

Too bad I'm mostly too lazy to even finish an intro :/


2008-06-01 15:02:02

I submitted my best flash (in terms of technical skills) in the the same week Steve Irwin died which kinda dominated the portal, so yeah needless to say I felt on top of the world that week...

Nonetheless I need to make more flashs, get back on the horse or something as they say =/


2008-06-01 15:59:17

Wow. I thought you had left, and stopped making flash movies.
I mean making those tshirts with all the video game characters. I thought you'd been sued or something.


2008-06-01 16:52:49

Even if I don't fail, I will still be failing at failing!

Anyways... I agree that when you finish a Flash movie most of the time, it's a wonderful feeling. Sometimes, though, when I finish a Flash, I don't feel satisfied. Sometimes I simply feel that it could use more flair, but I can't put my finger on how I would make it any better.

Submitting a movie is definitely a nerveracking experience. It doesn't matter if it's your best work or a piece of crap. It's still a heck of a lot of suspense.

You never know what kinds of movies will get the best response on Newgrounds. My friend and I made a movie in less than two hours with nearly no effort and it got a Daily First and a Weekly 2nd.

I don't like to think of myself simply making movies for awards. All I want is the fun of making movies. Right now I'm not as motivated to make movies, and I'm trying to figure out why. It's not a very good feeling...

Oh well. It's nice to see that you're coming back strong with your Flash works, and I hope to soon regain a movie-making stamina like yours. =)


2008-06-01 17:11:00

Nothing, I usally piss people off with my reviews witch do pretty well I might add.

The only thing I got was nerve shaking was a argument, but most people get nervous about the after-words.

Yeah I totally see what your getting at, thats why I don't bother submitting content on this website.
Nor do I reveal it because I don't feel like dealing with emails saying something random.


2008-06-20 23:52:53

Lol, I dunno, sounds to me like you're just thinking about it too much.
If my flash gets a low score I say, meh it was worth a shot...& go on.
Never once hoped anybody'd get a low score...or high for that matter.
I've seen lots of great flashes come out the same day as I upload &
unless it's kitty krew shit, then I wouldn't rate 0 unless it was worthy.


2008-06-26 20:11:50

I do feel that way as well, it's very disappointing to me to know that I will be threatened by others.

I usually Check up on my Submitted flash about 50 times before it actually passes, I have fixed this problem recently though. :D I go outside or hang out with friends, I have a good time so even if I don't do as good as I thought I am still happy. I also don't have a chance to hate others and throw a fit.


2010-06-21 08:14:49

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