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More mediocrity than meets the eye

2008-06-27 01:12:55 by MetalMaverick

Hello again newgrounders. Hope everyone's enjoying the summer. I know I'm finally happy to see some freakin' sunshine. Been living in washington state for just over a month after living in california for years. Not sure I'll ever get used to the colder weather up here. I was white enough as it was before! Any whiter and I may become clear!

Anywho, I digress. Been working on a brand new Transformers cartoon. The last one was surprisingly well recieved, and considering how the current one is turning out I have no doubt you guys will like this one just as much if not more. It's longer, more characters, framerate has been bumped from 15fps to 30fps, and this time it'll feature Decepticons as well.

And who know's, maybe if people like it enough they might even go check out my other series Larry and Benny! Huh? Anyone? I know it doesn't have giant robots that change into crap, but still...

...ah well, wishfull thinking :P

Here's a pic below showing some of the new appearances in Transformers Mediocrity 2. You can find the link to the full sized wallpaper at my website.

More mediocrity than meets the eye


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2008-06-27 01:31:38

Sweet,it's the decepticons this time,I liked the first one so I'll be looking forward to this


2008-06-27 02:09:03

I take offense to your comments about Washington. I shall take my bleach white business elsewhere.

MetalMaverick responds:

Lol, don't get me wrong. I like the place. I feel very much at home here. Granted, a very wet home, but home nonetheless.


2008-06-27 02:49:22

should be fun! cant wait


2008-06-27 10:25:58

looks great dude, cant wait to see it, hope its as good as the first

MetalMaverick responds:

So far the response from the few who've seen the script so far has been pretty positive, but it is a bit early to tell. I don't like to assume too much, but I will put forth plenty of effort if that helps. :)


2008-06-27 12:23:57

I've watched both of the Larry and Benny movies. It's an enjoyable enough series that I could definitely watch a lot more. =D


2008-07-16 16:24:09

I can't believe you're making a sequel to Transformers Mediocrity!! I can't wait to see it!!! Please notify me when it will be released!


2008-07-19 22:33:30

what was the song name for gamer elites intro