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I am NOT an animator.

2008-07-23 00:59:01 by MetalMaverick

Well, not really anyway. I animate obviously, but no where near as well as many other users here at Newgrounds.

Now I'm sure to those of you who've seen my stuff in the past find this little "announcement" as anything but shocking, however what I find interesting is how much focus viewers here put on both the animation and the artwork behind most any cartoon submitted. I've had plenty of comments in the past from those who've said I need to improve my animation quality, or most notably, change my art style drastically. But my question to them is.... why?

The reason is simple. For the most part, I don't really care.

For me, the artwork and animations are mainly a means to an end. You see, I like telling stories, I like telling jokes, and I like making movies. My biggest issue has always been how do I give that physical form. In the past I tried a little 3D animation (since I've always been a fan of CGI), but the modeling process was always so time consuming that I never really even got to the actually animating of the models.

Then of course I came across flash, a tool that allowed me to create animations in a rather short period of time. It was like a prayer was answered. Now when you go back and look at my early work and compare it to what I've done recently, there's certainly been improvements, but for the most part there hasn't been any really drastic changes considering it's been about six years now.

I just don't want to spend all my time animating and drawing to only end up with a small bit to show for it. Now obviously if your an animation buff than that's where your gonna focus your efforts, and that of course is cool since I like a well animated cartoon as much as the next guy. I just think sometimes people forget that there are those of us who just want you to watch for the chocolatey goodness inside, and not just the candy shell.

What do you look for most in a flash animation? And if you had to choose, would you rather see a toon with awesome animation and absolutely no substance behind it, or a horribly ugly stick figure comedy that's freakin' histerical?


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2008-07-23 01:03:15

the awesome animation, stick figure animations are so tired that it would be difficult to make one funny.


2008-07-23 01:04:16

i still think your a good animator and should just have fun with it.

P.S. to your little question, i would enjoy a mixture of the two choose.


2008-07-23 01:20:27

When I vote on movies I try to look past how good the graphical aspect of the movie, and look more for how much effort people put into the animation as well as how much I enjoyed watching it. I mean, sure if I see a movie that is trying to be very artistic and well drawn and it isn't, I may take off a few points but it doesn't really persuade my vote that much. What my vote really comes down to is how much I enjoyed it though, and I enjoy your animations. =)

You should feel even better about yourself now. =P


2008-07-23 01:42:44

I can usually tell what whether people are aiming for good writing or good animation, so I usually vote dependent on what they were aiming for.


2008-07-23 01:55:45

What do i look for? Entertainment.

Some of us are easier to please then others. For me writing, comedic timing, being visually interesting (which doesnt mean it HAS to be well animated), high quality sound. Theres lots of things.

I cant say ive been enjoying your toons lately, the bobble heads arent as visually interesting anymore after being used so long with very little changed for example, and the writing, for me, feels rather old and stale. Or maybe its just me getting older, i dont enjoy any of the things i did 4 years ago anymore.

But hell, why does it matter, you enjoy what you do and thats what counts. :)

MetalMaverick responds:

You certainly have changed bud.


2008-07-23 02:00:12

most of all, I try to look for effort in the work. If the person put effort into it then I think it's good.


2008-07-23 02:05:49

I'm fine with anyone who:
a) Creates what they do because they enjoy it, not because they're trying to become popular or please certain audiences.
b) Puts effort into their stuff, both in art, animation, ideas, writing, and the aspects of directing the project.
c) Doesn't rip off other people.
d) At least tries out new concepts and ideas, rather than using certain things (collabs, parodies, certain animation/art styles) as a crutch (those things can all be good, but not when used improperly).

So you're doing well in my book. ;)


2008-07-23 02:15:13

What I hate is when people talk shit on tweens, as if your entire animation needs to be drawn frame by frame - all 9,000 of them. I don't consider myself an animator and have never claimed to be one. I consider myself a story teller, as I believe you do.

As for your question, I look for something thats original, has style, and a good art direction. I've seen very well animated movies that sucked, as well as poorly animated movies that were great. It's a fine line to walk.

MetalMaverick responds:

And in the time it took you to animate all those frames, how much of that story would you have told? That's my problem with fbf. Sure, I'd love all my animations to be totally fbf and look all smexy, but the trade off isn't worth it for me.

Ya just gotta let the fbf fans say what they will and keep on trucking. Take in their advice and apply where needed, but don't feel weighed down by it either. So long as your ultimately getting the visuals neccessary to tell your story.


2008-07-23 03:11:49

Haha, I've seen a HELL of a lot worse than your stuff, dude. Just keep doin what you do.


2008-07-23 03:13:29

If you enjoy what your doing and making an effort at it. That is an animator in my PDF file. Although then again what you enjoy doing and making effort might not make you a good animator and you might just be releasing what other people consider crap, but it will make you an animator noneoftheless even if everyone hates it.

In your case your a good animator! You make people smile, your animations are very humorous even if they don't look graphically beautiful as Waterlollies they are still very enjoyable. So don't say your not an animator.


2008-07-23 03:16:06

In my opinion, it's not the great art or cool effects that makes the flash good (unless that's the point, like those movies in the Experemental category).

But, it's the story, or how enjoyable it is.


2008-07-23 03:20:04

Im not a fan of your art style but after thinking on it I wouldn't ask you to change your style. I think it helps point you out of the crowd. Everytime I see those ugly eyed character I think, MM was here. Thats not bad, you comedy is actually GOOD! I enjoy seeing the work you put into your projects. Of course some animators (egoraptor being the one who comes to mind right now) have a style that have made them famous (awesome series...) but I read that he is gonna try messing with more realistic facial features and such. He said something like he was growing out of it, and is really enjoying this new thing... Ummm... My uh, point... Yeah... I lost myself...

Thanks for being original MM, some days it may not be worth it, but at least you can know that you are not the one emulated but rather one day or at one time you will be emulated...

I lost me again, dammit all, Im going to bed. Good luck MM, and I wish you great fortunes and such in the future as well as in the current way of life.

MetalMaverick responds:

Thanks bud. It's good that your willing to look past the visuals to reward yourself with the chocolatey goodness. :)


2008-07-23 03:24:56

your lucky i cant even animate only draw realistic sketches i just cant seem to animate them maybe i have bad patience lol but you should be glad with what you can do i think your amazing and i agree comedy before looks always best keep up the good work i love your videos!


2008-07-23 04:16:04

A lot of PPL say that i am best @ NEWGRUNDZ! i find it emmbassing sumtimes but there iz no smoke within fire!

i just hope i dont let dowm my fans!!!!!!!!1


2008-07-23 05:47:17

meh, I've always liked your work


2008-07-23 06:01:54

That was.. beautiful, nah but seriously yea man you bring a valid point.


2008-07-23 08:02:36

I'd have to go with a stick figure comedy. (See my 2nd latest news post) But if you could do a toon with awesome animation that's freakin' histerical....

MetalMaverick responds:

*sigh* if only...


2008-07-23 09:40:50

I think how you animate is perfectly fine. The bobblehead character design idea hasn't been done by anyone else by the site. Anyone could easily recognize your style, and that's something to be proud of by itself. The graphics are not exactly the reason I watch your movies, but I still watch them because they keep my interest and they funny.

I don't really like those two choices at the end, but if I had to choose, I would definitely watch the horrible ugly stick figure comedy that's freakin' histerical. Some of the most well-animated movies on this site have been ruined by lack of substance.


2008-07-23 09:44:06

I actually feel better knowin that you don't care.

At least you're not doin it on purpose.

MetalMaverick responds:

lol, sometimes deep down I think I do.


2008-07-23 09:45:42

your right you arent an animator you are an anitainer lols.

MetalMaverick responds:

Anitainer huh?

Sounds sexy


2008-07-23 09:47:33

Well at least you are a good animator :)


2008-07-23 11:46:33

What would I rather see? Definitely the stick figure comedy! And to all the people out there who say otherwise, consider South Park. I mean, I don't like its content, but there has to be a reason a cartoon that looks like it was animated in PowerPoint has done so well (and awesome animation is not the answer).


2008-07-23 11:55:48

the "im not an animator im a story teller" is a get out of jail free card that doesn't entirely make sense but if thats what you believe then why don't you throw away flash and write a book?

MetalMaverick responds:

...because I don't wanna make a book?

Writing just doesn't hold my interest. I'd much rather make something visual.


2008-07-23 12:27:53

i've been a fan of yours ever since i first saw "the matrix has you" in sixth grade. you're hilarious. don't change a thing.


2008-07-23 13:04:41

I dont know, perhaps i would like to see a GOOD ANIMATION with both quality in the plot and stuff AND being histerical

MetalMaverick responds:

Well now your just copping out from the question. :P


2008-07-23 13:05:20

no offfense but bug is somewhat right about this point. you can do better dude.

MetalMaverick responds:

Well sure, I could. But any of us could always do better. At what point do you finally stop and say, "ok, it's done."?

Again, why go to so much trouble to make it look super shiney if what I've already got tells the story just as well? To please all the animation junkies?


2008-07-23 13:09:11

The one thing I look for in flash movies is the same thing I look for in all media: entertainment value.

Drawing ability, writing, originality, voice acting, and overall presentation are all key factors for good flash movies, but as you've said, that doesn't necessarily mean the best-drawn characters make the best movies.

I, like many people here, enjoy a good parody. Sure, they're easy to create and not hard to write, but that's not the point. When the subject matter of a parody hits close to home, (like a Zelda parody) I tend to enjoy it more since I grew up playing those games. However, some parodies are too over the top, with constant references throughout. (Like those stupid "movie" movies) Although, there are people who do enjoy those, which is why when you create a movie you must first determine your target audience. Do I want to create something new and fresh that people haven't seen, or do I want to go with the ground I already established and please my fans? All fans are the same. Some will stick to you till the end, others will get bored and leave. New fans will arise and fill the gap of the old ones.

All in all, when I want to watch a flash movie, I want to be entertained. I don't immediately disown certain types of movies just because I've seen them before. Same goes for when I create movies; I want to entertain others. There's no law stating what you can and cannot make. It's really all up to you. There are always two sides to the argument. One side going "Gah, this work sucks. You've been doing the same crap for years. Change it," while the other side is saying the complete opposite.

The choice is up to you, Master Jedi. Which side will you listen to?


2008-07-23 13:12:09

My ideal movies have a good balance between graphics (obviously, if detail has to be sacrificed for better fbf then so be it) and their chosen genre. What used to do my head in about newgrounds was that most people were looking for violence or comedy, and viewed everything else as trash. Thankfully the community's a lot more open-minded now.

As gerkinman said, if a flash entertains me I'm fine with it. But if say a comedy is crudely drawn but not remotely funny at all, it loses all points. Which is the difference between egoraptor's Awesome movies and say the fan-made ones. Some people just aren't funny and lack the comedic timing of most of his toons.

On the flipside, there's some well-animated garbage too. It happens.


2008-07-23 15:14:46

you gotta balance it!


2008-07-23 16:20:58

I personally love your style and you HAVE to stick with it, you with some really detailed artwork and such you would just be you anymore.

Like exactly what you state in your description:
"Anyone can be different, but it takes real effort just to be yourself."

Everyone has their own unique style of artwork and animation when it comes to flash, viewers just want to get some high-quality animations only.

Shouldn't they go to watch some real animated movies then instead of complaining to us?

But anyway, the biggest point is that as long you are satisfied with what you have done and you're happy about it, no one else's opinion counts, really.


2008-07-23 16:32:46

Take for example Brackenwood, the art and animation is awesome, i respect it a lot, but the story kinda bores me (personally). On the other side are the awesome series, poorly drawn, but most newgrounders love them for their jokes.

I agree with you, if what you like are stories, it turns frustrating to spend days just with the art. Thankfully I like both sides.

And the people that says you should change your style, wtf? everybody has their own style, there's no point changing for pleasing a couple of people. I personaly found your style pretty unique : D


2008-07-23 17:19:46

"...because I don't wanna make a book?

Writing just doesn't hold my interest. I'd much rather make something visual.

Well then if your going to present a visual story and not take effort to make it visually appealing then be expected to be criticized accordingly. Hell this site is pretty lenient on quality anyway as it is.

Doesn't mean you have to nessaccarily try and improve but then whats the point of even doing anything if you just stay at the same level? Potential in the arts has limitless potential.

MetalMaverick responds:

I understand that, and I don't expect people to completely ignore it when they review. I'd just like them to look at the big picture. I sometimes get reviews that don't mention a damn thing about the content other than the visuals. Those reviews help me little.


2008-07-23 17:20:12

Just realized I said potential twice!

Big Whup

MetalMaverick responds:

It was for emphasis!


2008-07-23 17:23:49

Yeh, i have changed alot.

I think, in your case, its the sitcom format, i have enough trouble sitting down to watch sitcoms on TV, i find them boring, i just cant stand having jokes spoon fed to me which is sort of the sitcom way, but thats just my own personal preference. Obviously a majority of people love sitcoms or else they would be so popular.


2008-07-23 17:58:03

Poor artistic "style" can easily be forgotten if the writing is superb. If that's not the case, work on your animation so that everything doesn't look so jerky. Start out with little things and work the make it look smoother.


2008-07-23 19:03:48

Your Pretty Much One Of The Best Canadian Animators On NewGrounds Maverick You've Done This Country Proud Mah Boy

MetalMaverick responds:

lol, I'm from vancouver washington. Not vancouver in canada. But I'll except the complement nonetheless. Thanks! :D


2008-07-23 19:16:17

ye u are plus ur drawings suck alot u have to learn to draw better


2008-07-23 19:57:30

Well, I do love an animation's comedic value more than it's animation and drawings. But it doesn't hurt to improve on them, right? Take for examples, my REALLY old animations.... They were pure crap, yet I still laugh at them. However I do find there is a line where the drawings and animation are so horrible I just can't look past them and laugh at the comedy and satire. Another example is the Awesome series. Okay, so the drawings aren't exactly Brackenwood level, but Egoraptor never fails to make me laugh at the shit he comes up with. Even the jokes in it come from the flaws in video games, it's the way he over exaggerates them and the way he brings them out into the animation.


2008-07-23 19:58:52

Even though the jokes come from the flaws in a video game*


2008-07-23 20:16:59

It's all about what I'm watching. A comedy, I don't care if it's stick figures with box heads. It's meant to be funny, not seriously animated (And most of the time if its poorly animated, it adds to the comedic effect)

However, If i'm watching something serious, or actiony, I'd love well done animation


2008-08-16 13:12:20

I totally get your point and even though i don't make animations/flashes, I do make claymations and it's the same thing for me: I try to get the comedy out there and I just do my best with the clay animating. It usually turns out fine in the end. One more thing, I do think your animations are realy funny. that's why your in my favorite artist list. Please keep making more stuff for us to watch.