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Smoov Transformers

2008-08-23 14:04:59 by MetalMaverick

Hello again Newgrounders. Just wanted to update you guys on the progress of my current project, "Transformers Mediocrity 2".

Give or take it's roughly halfway done. Progress had been slow in the last several weeks due to my schedule, and because of which I even started to get a little burned out since I wasn't really getting very far at a time. That's where Pest Control comes in. A little something I put together over a period of a week to take a quick break and kinda get me reenergized to finish TFM2.

But more important of all. I recently got in the lines for everyones favorite gunbot, Megatron. I'm fortunate enough to have picked up Dr. Smoov to voice Megs for the upcoming flash. For those of you who haven't kept up with transformers parody videos, he's best known for video's such as these!

The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime

/* */
Shockwave's Burden (personal favorite)

/* */
And Transformers Go Hollywood (featuring his Megatron voice)

/* */
Now, before some of you say anything. No I am not gonna replace Egoraptor as Optimus. Yes, I know Smoov has a much more accurate Prime, but if I replaced him that would...

A. Mess with the continuity of the previous TFM.

B. Take away some of the uniqueness that TFM has from other transformer videos and flashes.

I don't need perfect accuracy on all the characters, I feel it's more important to find voice actors who fit the mold of the characters, and the characters in TFM are definately not the same exact robots some of us grew up with.

I was having trouble finding a good Megatron voice, so after a little desperation I decided to contact Smoov (thinking he'd be either too busy or just plain not interested) just to see what'd happen. Sure enough, he surprised me.

Anywho, that's enough of me yammerin' for one day. I got some work to do. I should probably have TFM2 done by the end of next month. Until then...


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2008-08-23 20:49:16

I'm going to leave a comment because I feel bad for you not having any more =(

If you're planning on making the second Transformers Mediocrity longer than the first, and you're already halfway done, I say you're making some fine progress. The hardest part of an animation is motivation. If you're motivated to make something, then do it! If you're not, you'd better find a way to be =)

I haven't made many movies with voices in them (although I feel like I should) so I don't know very much about what searching for voice actors is like. It sounds like you've found someone that should do a good job, though, so congrats for that. Good luck on the rest of the movie and your movies to come!


2008-08-23 22:00:21

Ah... Shit Piece.. good times.

Can't wait for your parody too. Still 30 days or so.. eh?


2008-08-23 22:22:08

TRANSFORMERS! shove some in your eye!
TRANSFORMERS! they are made of pie!


2008-08-24 09:09:46

cant wait for the next episode man.
good luck!


2008-08-24 12:26:51

That is not his Megatron voice. Because it's shit and his is a million times better.


2008-08-24 12:28:49

Woops my mistake. I thought you posted that video with Michael Bay in it. This one I've never seen before.


2008-08-24 12:33:17

ok now I saw it. The go bot sounds like one of the people from college university.

MetalMaverick responds:

I believe Mike and Andy Parker were the ones who made it.


2008-10-14 01:21:32

awesome...i long ago subscibed to Dr. Smoov on youtube.