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WANTED: Female voice

2010-05-10 14:10:39 by MetalMaverick

As the title suggests, I'm currently looking for a voice actress to play a part in my upcoming cartoon Cyberdog. Below is a link to a preview I put together recently. The role is for the poodle, Ms Cassandra.

Cyberdog Preview

If interested, please send me a PM for details.

On the subject of Cyberdog, I'm currently doing an all new intro. It's shorter, and it includes a brand new kick ass song by none other than Druoxtheshredder! I was lucky enough to stumble upon his work a few months ago. I've always wanted a cool yet somewhat silly intro song for my toon and he was the perfect guy for the job. I'm debating with myself whether to show off the intro before the actual cartoon is done, the song is that cool. You rock Druox!

At any rate, that's all I got for now. How's everyone else?

P.S. - I'm turning 29 this month. Twenty fuckin' nine! I feel like stocking up on Depends....


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2010-05-10 14:24:12

i am a fan of your tweens ^_^

MetalMaverick responds:

I knew it! You only love me for my tweens... :(


2010-05-10 14:46:06

flee you b*tch dont insult metal maverick!!!


2010-05-10 14:46:27

metal maverick IGNORE flee FOREVER!!! keep rockin dude!!!

MetalMaverick responds:

Nah it's cool. It's Newgrounds after all. If I didn't see at least one post of sarcasm/insults or what have ya then I'd be concerned I was in the wrong website.


2010-05-10 18:23:29


MetalMaverick responds:



2010-05-10 19:21:24

Ya know, i didn't even notice until now that we live in the same state!

MetalMaverick responds:

Ah, so we do!
....sorry about the smell...


2010-05-10 19:40:48

supple javelina phallus


2010-05-10 23:38:24

Here's what i got from the cyberdog trailer:

When cyberdog powers up, he immediately shoots off his lazers and discs and sends out signals and what not...

I don't think i'd let him sleep in the same room as me if i owned cyberdog... but then again, if i owned cyberdog..he'd actually own me.


2010-05-29 08:09:50

How about rina chan?


2010-07-17 19:09:19

What i thought u leaved ng for good like legendary frog and the other guy whom u worked with on the matrix colab and tsah 2 i was looking att ur flash and then i aw a new post thank god ur back


2010-08-11 05:12:45

wat happend to elite gamer


2010-10-13 06:10:47

Yea, what DID happen to EG?


2011-02-06 08:00:35

Haaah you went missing again.


2011-06-15 22:25:41

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2011-08-16 15:34:53

DAMMIT!!! I want to be in this, but I have a Y-chromosome. If you got any male roles, see if you can let me try for them.