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Looking out for the little guy.

2008-03-11 17:44:24 by MetalMaverick

I haven't been on Newgrounds a whole lot for a good while up until recently, but as they say, "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

In the last few weeks I've noticed a fair amount of posts here in regards to artists hating on other artists. Whether it be for use of tweens, parodies, whatever. Some of you are not happy with what you see, and instead of handling it like an adult, you'll piss and moan about it.

This isn't just some archive of flash games and animations, it's a community. Instead of giving each other crap for what we do, shouldn't we instead be working toward improving each other. Often I'll see reviews for animations that have nothing but negative things to say, even hurtfull at times. What does that accomplish? Wouldn't it be more productive to try and at least point out what was good (most every animation has at least something if you try to find it), and then follow up with constructive critizism without jumping down their necks?

The vast majority of users here aren't great artists, hell some of us barely even qualify as one even if you use the word loosely. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun and to try and entertain both ourselves and others. Some of us don't have the time to sit on our computers all day and animate frame by frame. Others my lack the artistic skill to draw well, and instead of subjecting you to their scary ass art, they use sprites.

As for parodies, sometimes people just like to make things based on what they know and love. God know's I've done my fair share. It hasn't been til recently that I've done anything completely new and my own. But I'm not done with parodies, in fact I'm working on a parody right now. I love doing them and to hell with what everyone else thinks. I've also seen some artists who gone from being parody makers to straight up originality, while now mocking those who do make parodies. Kinda sad in my opinion. The way I see it, if you know it's a parody and you can't stand parodies, DON'T WATCH IT!

The fact of the matter is, some of you wouldn't even give two shits about them if they didn't get decent if not great scores sometimes. But this is Newgrounds, and that's what many here like. Don't like the way things are run around here, then make your own site just for crusty stuck up animators. This isn't some democracy here, this is Tom's house.

We should all be thankful for this site. I know I am. It's an excellent place for us to showcase our work. Animation, writing, voice work, musical talents, you name it. Let's not clog the place up with too much negativity now, shall we?

Peace :)

*Edit* - It seems a lot of you are under the impression that I mean to say all reviews should be fluffy and sugary! God no! I care little for those. You can say you didn't like this or that, and you can do it without being a total douche about it. Your all three dimensional human beings, the world isn't black and white, and neither should your reviews be.

Droppin' by

2008-03-04 16:49:49 by MetalMaverick

Hello peeps. Just saying hi. I've been really lousy with keeping up with all the goings on and such. So I'm gonna try to keep up with my email, site, and other online things a bit more. I've had a real big problem with keeping motivated and happy in the last few years so I need to turn that around a little bit.

Speaking of my site, I've just updated it. So feel free to take a peek. :)

Progress on Larry and Benny is going along well. I'm easily over halfway done with the animation and may be completed by the end of the month, if not shortly after. I'm certain many of you will enjoy the new series. The animation quality is bumped up quite a bit, and it's a bit edgy humorwise than anything I've done before.

Guess what?...

2007-08-13 22:01:38 by MetalMaverick

...I ain't dead! And not only that, but I'm making flash again.